Chess In The Schools

June 19, 2018 Admin 0

Chess in the schools provides children a way to plan and use strategy in controlled competitive environment. These skills can be carried over into real life. Chess is needed in American schools. Our children’s education […]


Active Vs. Passive Learning

June 18, 2018 Admin 0

A comparison of active vs. passive learning and the difference between the types of active and passive classes as it relates to learning. Everyone who has gone to school knows that some classes are better, […]


Your Children’s Music Education

May 19, 2018 Admin 0

Many parents have cringed when their children have come to them and told them they want to be a percussionist or a clarinet player for their school band. Your first thoughts are loud persistent noises […]


5 Easy Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter

April 16, 2018 Admin 0

Every parent dreams of smart children. And to some extent, intelligence is a matter of the luck of the draw. But whatever the natural abilities of your child, you can help him or her become […]


Effective Studying Tips

April 8, 2018 Admin 0

Have you ever been so frustrated with studying that you are just about ready to give up? Well, the problem might just be that you are attacking the material in the wrong way. Follow these […]


Steps to increase Employability in India

October 5, 2017 Admin 0

A great number of reports and surveys produced by such industry bodies as NASSCOM and FICCI show that only around 10-20% of our fresh graduates are employable in India. Companies are forced to spend billions […]


Teacher’s Day: Remembering Dr Radhakrishnan

September 5, 2017 Admin 0

The first vice president of India and the second President of India, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born in a poor Brahmin family of South India on 5th September 1888. His father earned very less income through […]


Great Tips to Clear IAS and IPS Interview

January 27, 2017 Admin 1

Millions of young graduates around the country apply for the civil services. Some of them clear written exams round but some fail to clear the interview round. Why is it so that many candidates fail […]