Finding The Right Career

April 9, 2018 Admin 0

Making the right decisions concerning the future are probably the most important things we’ll ever do in our lives. Therefore, it is crucial that we realize what we want, how to get it, and how […]


Effective Studying Tips

April 8, 2018 Admin 0

Have you ever been so frustrated with studying that you are just about ready to give up? Well, the problem might just be that you are attacking the material in the wrong way. Follow these […]


92.7 BIG FM launches #WingsforWomen

March 24, 2018 Admin 0

With a burgeoning need on spreading awareness on leading a hygienic life, 92.7 BIG FM Bengaluru has taken an extremely noble initiative of sanitation for the backbone of each family, “Women”! BIG MJ Shruti of […]


A Career in Film Making

March 7, 2018 Admin 0

Introduction to A Career in Film Making Since their invention about one hundred years ago the movies have been a vehicle of dreams for millions of people in successive generations, all over the world. With […]


The Reason Why Diets Don’t Work.

February 22, 2018 Admin 0

It has been said that diet is simply “die” with a “t”, and that is a fairly accurate comment on how well dieting really works. Look at it this way, if you take a body […]


Heart Attacks

February 22, 2018 Admin 0

Doing vigorous activity in extremely hot weather can cause a heart attack. Exercise inside a cool and comfortable environment like a gym. Also, drink plenty of water. Dehydration and heat stroke can accompany a heart […]


Managing Stress

February 22, 2018 Admin 0

Stress can come from work.Factors that contribute to stress are mood, anxiety, or tension. High blood pressure can result from too much stress. Hyper-tension is a form of stress. To eliminate stress, do work that […]


Opt for communication design as a Career

October 31, 2017 Admin 0

Communication designing includes a variety of techniques, all concerned with communicating or passing on information or message. This is done either through speaking, writing or through pictures which can either be drawn by hand or […]