Great Tips to Clear IAS and IPS Interview

Millions of young graduates around the country apply for the civil services.

Some of them clear written exams round but some fail to clear the interview round.

Why is it so that many candidates fail to clear the interview round?

There can be many reasons like they are not well prepared for the interview.

In this article we give you some pointers how you can clear IAS and IPS interview.

Do NOT take the Interview Lightly

Students are too smug. Especially those of you have cleared the written exam and are ranked high in the merit list become too complacent.

Never take the interview round lightly even if you have score really good in the written exam.

Carry yourself seriously and it must reflect in your body language.

Full Knowledge of Current Events and Contemporary World

You can’t get this knowledge reading textbooks and watching documentaries overnight.

You have to learn about current events and the present world from the day one.

When you enter the college you have to start focussing on the current events and most important developments in last 10 years.

You have to start very early on.

Thorough Grasp of Your Graduation Books

Although interview is not about the theory but it is still important that you know everything about the graduation books.

Many questions in the interview are going to be from subjects that you learnt in your college.

So revise them once again and know the important points.

Never Ignore Your Optional Subjects

Usually students overlook the additional subjects because they think they are not important.

But they are wrong. Sometimes it happens that the interviewer asks so many questions from the optional subjects.

If you have not read the optional subjects then you may be in trouble. So do not ignore your optional subjects.


Communication Skills     

This is the first most important attribute that you have to learn.

If you don’t have command over the language then you can’t develop great communication skills.

So focus on the English language. You have to read a lot of books and watch documentaries on TV.

You can’t do much if you do not have good communication skills.

Be Confident without Being Argumentative

While interview is going on you have to be confident when you answer a question.

You must try to persuade the interviewers without arguing with them.

You can’t fight them on an issue where both sides disagree. You have to be confident but without being argumentative.

Be Balanced and Do Not Show Biases

We all have political and religious inclinations. Some are from left, some are from centre and some hold very extreme position.

Whatever your personal views are on a given issue, it should not be biased and must be balanced.

It happens that the interviewers may not like your views because they are too extreme. So be balanced.

Come Up with an Honest Answer for “Hobby Question”

You should not ignore the hobby question just like the optional subjects.

When they ask about your hobby you should give a real and genuine answer. Do not give same old answers like I love to cook or listen music.

Be real and honest to your interviewers. So prepare beforehand for this question otherwise you may sound very banal.

Do Not Lose Your Calm and Temper

What if you are not selected and you come to know that the interviewers did not like the way interview went.

You can’t fight them alleging that they are bias or mean to you. You have to accept what they tell you.

You have to stay calm even if you believe that they were mean to you.

Always Go Through Mock Interviews with Your Friends

Before you go for a real interview I recommend you to take mock interviews with your friends.

You can also join a coaching centre where they take conduct mock interviews.

By doing mock interviews you develop a psychology and prepare yourself for the real interview.

The Whole Essence of IAS and IPS Interview

Before we talk about the areas that you need to focus for both IAS and IPS interview you need to know the importance and tips of the interview.

Interview is not conducted to test your theoretical knowledge. That is what written exams are for.

Interviews are for more practical questions that are closely related to the job you are going to take once you become an IAS or IPS.

So you must focus on areas mentioned below.

Focus Area for IAS Interview

First let us start with IAS interview.

Indian Society: Past, Present and Future

You have to know everything about India pre independence and post independence.

Indian society when it was under colonial rule and India when it became independent. You also have to know about political and religious nature of our society. This is very basic. You can prepare for this topic by reading books on contemporary India written by so many writers.

Always Have Good Knowledge of Your State, City and District

The state you come from is very important. You have to know your state and its history. Then they will ask about the city and the district you lived. There will be questions related to your district.

Questions like how well your district is developed in terms of roads, transportation, schools, hospitals etc.

General Administrative Questions

Questions related to administrative challenges that the country is facing. You have to know how the bureaucracy functions in the country. How it can be changed for the better?

What are some systematic changes that can be done to increase effectiveness? You have to come prepared for such questions.

Situational Questions

Situational questions are very normal. Where they ask what happens if there is a riot in your district? What are you going to do? What drastic measures are going to take if there is a draught in your district?

Questions will be situational and you have to answer quickly without fumbling.

Focus Area for IPS Interview

Now following are questions that you may be asked if you are going for an IPS interview.

Your Personal Details and Family Background

Give a detailed answer about your personal details and family background for an interview for IPS. The answer must be exhaustive covering all the important details so that your interviewer will get impressed.

In an IPS interview this question is very important.

Society and Crime

You have to have fair knowledge about society and crime rates. You must have data with you so that you can present it and back up your argument. You also need to know the role of police in the society, its importance how policing can be improved.

You have to prepare yourself for such questions.

Situational Questions are Very Important

Just like IAS interview here also you will be asked situational questions like what will you do if there is a terrorist attack in your area. How are going to help people so they are going to trust the police? Questions like these.

So these were few general as well as specific tips to clear both IAS and IPS interview rounds.


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