Food Photography as a profession

April 4, 2012 Admin 0

There is lot of scope for work in food photography only if one has the right aptitude. Job Profile: Food photography is a branch of commercial photography applied towards making food look delicious and inviting […]


Top 10 Highest paying jobs in India

March 8, 2012 Admin 0

Bringing to you the top 10 highest paying jobs in Indian job market, although what you get entirely depends on your experience and talent: Management Professionals: If you are a management graduate such as MBA […]


Highest paid IT jobs in India

March 1, 2012 Admin 0

Following is a list of high paying careers in this field: IT Manager: Bachelor or Masters Degree in IT or Specialized Diploma in relevant subject is the required qualification for this along with experience. Job […]


Career in Merchant Navy in India

January 4, 2012 Admin 0

Merchant Navy is a profession which has always fascinated people because of high pay scale. Marine Engineers are solely responsible for all round Safe & Smooth Operations of ship engines, boilers, and Heavy machinery of […]